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After receiving your log-in info, download SprinklerMaps from the App Store for free onto your iPad and start mapping!  Helpful user tips are available in the User Help Desk, and you can contact support to schedule a phone tutorial.
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More Than Just Irrigation Mapping:   In addition to replacing paper maps, SprinklerMaps saves you time and money by transforming your iPad into a landscape management super tool.  Here are several ways SprinklerMaps is being used by our customers around the world:

irrigation map sprinklermaps.comMap your irrigation and utility systems

irrigation software sprinklermaps.com Calculate square feet for job estimates

irrigation map sprinklermaps.com Provide mapping services for clients

sprinkler map marker sprinklermaps.com View your sprinkler coverage instantly

landscape software sprinklermaps.com Print and email your maps instantly

irrigation map sprinklermaps.com Track your GPM and sprinkler counts

sprinkler radius sprinklermaps.com Assign tasks to your workers on a map

irrigation mapping software sprinklermaps Tree mapping and plant inventory

irrigation maps sprinklermaps Flag map markers for repair

SprinklerMaps irrigation mapping software Long term map and maintenance records

and much more!

Is SprinklerMaps easy to use?  
Yes, SprinklerMaps is the irrigation software that delivers both simplicity and functionality. Zoom-in to your area, then place your markers….it’s that easy!   Plot your utility and irrigation systems with customizable map markers, record square footage estimates, then access and edit your maps as needed.
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